MEJO 445 – Processes & Effects of Mass Communication Research Projects

In Fall 2018, I enrolled in my first research course at the Hussman School of Media & Journalism, and this is where my love of research and customer insights stem from. The course was MEJO 445 Processes and Effects of Mass Communication, and it was designed to apply classical theories of how consumers interact with media to real life problems. Over the course of the semester, I worked with a group to complete research projects of varying size.

Snapchat & Social Vulnerability: MEJO 445 Final Project


This research addresses the ways college students use social media to communicate, and in particular, how the impermanence of Snapchat affects the social vulnerability of users. This research was approached with the lens of Social Presence Theory.

This research took place using a survey that measured multiple factors: amount of social media usage: (a) amount of messages sent over Snapchat versus Messages, (b) self-declared level of extroversion versus introversion, and (c) willingness to be vulnerable.


Is Social Media Really Social?: MEJO 445 Midterm Research


This research attempts to understand the importance of social media for communication among college students through the lens of Social Presence Theory and the Uses and Gratifications framework.

For the purpose of this research, social media (i.e. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter) and telecommunications (i.e. text messages and phone calls) are treated as entirely separate communication tools. These social media platforms were chosen due to the varying levels of social presence they provide. Participants identified their most used and preferred social media platforms and filled out a daily survey over the course of a week to identify their usage of each platform/telecommunication method.


Skip Ad In…: MEJO 445 Crash Exercise Research Pitch


This is our first research assignment for the course and was simply a pitch for research. The implications of this proposed research is to get a better understanding of at what point expanding digital ad revenue has a negative effect on impressions for digital news companies.

We designed a research project revolved around the question of how much advertising is too much, specifically when reading news articles. The research is split into three groups: (a) an online news article with no advertisements, (b) a news article with minimal advertisements, and (c) a news article with an excessive amounts of advertisements.